iCrew Entity Descriptions


A club represents a rowing organization. All other entities are associated with the club.


A team represents a group of athletes that row together. A team can also represent a group of people like all your coaches, your board of directors or youth parents. You can create an unlimited number of teams under your club.


A member is a rower, coach, parent, or administrator in your club.


A session represents both practice sessions and regattas. A session can be an on-land workout or an on-the-water practice that includes boat line-ups.


A test represents an ergometer or on-the-water tests. A test can be at any distance in either meters or minutes and athlete's results are collected for each test. Go here to read more about tests.


A shell or boat is an object that athletes get in and row.


Oars are used by athletes to move a boat through the water.


A launch is a boat driven by a coach during a training session.

Other Assets

Other assets can be just about any object that rowing teams use and you may want to track such as ergometers, cox boxes, motors, etc.


The primary purpose of a Document in iCrew is to track that a member has submitted or signed a document. For example, if you have a Code of Conduct that everyone needs to read and sign, you create a Document item in iCrew and you upload a single copy of document in .pdf format. iCrew keeps track of when/if a given member reads and signs the document. When you create a Document, you specify the teams it applies to. You'll then have a tracking record for all members of the selected teams.

But iCrew was not designed to be a full-blown document repository. Also, any document you upload into iCrew should not contain any personal information.

If you’re looking to store scanned copies of documents that have been printed, filled out, and submitted to the club office, iCrew is not right place to do this.

Read more about documents here.

Fees & Payments

A fee represents money owed by members for things like registration fees and regatta fees. iCrew integrates with PaySimple for secure payment processing. Read more here. There is also an option to integrate with PayPal using PayPal buttons. Read more here.


Discussions are an online message board where members can post information and respond to posts. Discussions are meant to facilitate communications amongst members of your club.


An event is meant to represent a non-rowing event such as a banquet, club meeting, or any other gathering of people in your club.


A location is a place where sessions or events occur. A location with correct GPS coordinates (latitude/longitude) will allow your members to check into a session using their mobile phone using the location services.

Contact iCrew

If you need to contact iCrew, use the Contact page.

iCrew Privacy Policy

The iCrew privacy policy can be viewed here: Privacy Policy.

Get Started with iCrew

To get your club on-boarded to iCrew, check out our Get Started page.

iCrew Member's Assistance

iCrew App

iCrew can be accessed from any web browser on any device. You may also install the iCrew app from one of these links:

To find the iCrew app in the Apple App Store, search for "iCrew Rowing".

To find the iCrew app in the Android Play Store, search for "iCrew".

Android App Issue

If you're having issues with the iCrew app on an Android (non-iPhone) device, follow these instructions:

Change/Reset Password

To change your password or if you've forgotten your password and need to reset it, tap Forgot Password? on the iCrew Log On page. A code will be required which will be sent to you via email or text message.

Any club administrator can also change a member's password, if needed. This can be done by tapping the Change Password... button on the member's profile page.

Change/Find UserID

To change your iCrew userID, open your member home page and go to your My Profile page. Tap the ... button to the right of the User ID field.

If you've forgotten your userID, tap Forgot User ID? on the iCrew Log On page. Select your club and enter your email address. If an iCrew account is found associated to your email address an email will be sent you you with your userID.

Member Profile

Your member profile is created when you register in iCrew. To change your profile, go to your My Profile tab on your home page. If you're using a mobile device, tap the trible bar in the upper-right corner to show the drop-down selection of tabs where you'll see My Profile as an option.

Tap the image to change or upload a profile picture. If you've set a side preference, you will see a green or red shadow behind your picture to represent starboard/bow or port/stroke respectively.


As a rower, your birth year is required so that your age can be calculated for regatta line-ups. As directed by your club, you may be required to enter your full birthdate. If your full birthdate is not a requirement from your club, set your birthdate to January 1st of your birth year or the first of the month and year you were born.

Family Keys

If multiple members of your family have accounts in iCrew, all your family members should enter the same values in the Family key 1 and Family key 2 fields on all your individual profiles. The family key values can be whatever you choose. Just make sure all family members use the same value for key 1 and the same value for key 2. The two keys should be different. Think of the two keys as a userid/passwoard pair that all family members share. See link below to set your keys.

This will allow you to view document and fee payment records for all members of your family. After you set these values, you will see a links at the top of the My Documents and My Payments tabs on your home page titled My family's documents and My family's payments, respectively.

Tap this link to set your family keys: Create a family unit

NOTE: You should also be sure the Family position setting is correct for each family member.

Member Fees & Payments

You view the payments you may owe to the club for various fees, see your My Payments tab.

Skill Level

Your skill level (Unrated/LTR/Novice/Intermediate/Advanced) is set by your coach. If your club allows boat reservations, this setting affects the boats you can reserve. Anyone with a value of "Unrated" will not be allowed to make a boat reservation. Contact your coach to discuss a change in your level.

Member Journal

Members can log journal entries in iCrew. From the Member's Home Page open the My Journal tab, then tap on the New journal entry... button.

A journal entry can be shared or kept private. Coaches can also log journal entries about a member. There are a set of questions in a journal entry. Those questions can be specified by a club administrator on the club profile page. Meters rowed on an ergometer or on the water can be part of a journal entry.

Volunteer Hours

Members can log volunteer hours as part of a journal entry. From the Member's Home Page open the My Journal tab, then tap on the New journal entry... button. You'll see where you can enter the volunteer hours and activity type.

Import Concept2 Logbook Data

Watch this video to learn how to import your Concept2 logbook data into iCrew.

Last Coxed Count

For clubs where rowers rotate their way through the coxswain seat, iCrew tracks the last time any rower coxed a boat. This helps coaches assign coxswains for practice sessions.

Each time a rower attends a practice session, their last coxed count goes up by one. Only rowing sessions count so if a practice is an on-land workout, that session will not increase the last coxed count. Only sessions that have occurred in the past six months are included in the count. Rowing at a regatta does not add to the count, but someone will receive credit for coxing at a regatta. If a session is marked as a private session, that session is not counted.

After someone coxes at a session, their count is reset to one. So, for example, if someone coxes on Tuesday and rows again on Thursday, their count will show as one for the Thursday session. This means it has been one session since the person last coxed.

Join a Team

To join a team, open your My Teams tab, then tap on the Join or leave teams... button. All teams you are allowed to join will be listed with a Join Team button. You can also leave a team from this page.

Switch Clubs

If you're a member of multiple clubs that use iCrew, you can switch clubs from the Club Home page. You'll see a list of the clubs you're associated with. If you need to be added as a member to another club, contact that club's administrator and ask them to add you as a member.

Discussion Settings

You can decide which discussion channels you want to follow and which you want to receive activity email notifications for. From the Discussions page, tap on Settings, then check the appropriate boxes in the Follow and Send alert columns.

The activity for channels you follow will appear ahead of other channels. If you choose to receive email alerts for a channel, you'll receive an email whenever someone posts a new message or responds to an existing message in any of the selected channels.

Toggle into a Practice Session

To set your attendance plans for a practice session, go to your My Attendance Plans tab and change the Attending? Yes/No toggle setting for the practice session.

You can also tap the Drop-in... button to add yourself to another team's session.

Leave a Note for Your Coach

To leave a note for your coach about a particular session, go to your My Attendance Plans tab and tap the link for the session as shown here.

On the session page, enter your note to the coach, then tap the Save Note button. Notice too that you can toggle in or out of the session from this page using the Attending? toggle.

Toggle into a Regatta

To set your attendance plans for a regatta, go to your My Attendance Plans tab and change the Attending? Yes/No toggle setting for the regatta. All regattas that have been setup for your teams are shown above the list of practice sessions. Show the regatta list if they are not already displayed. If you do not see any regattas listed, contact your coach.

Admin and Coaches List

A list of all club administrators, coaches and coxswains can be accessed from your club home page. Look for this tile and tap it to show the list.

Make a Reservation

Watch this video to learn how to make a boat reservation.

Get Notified When a Reservation is Cancelled

If someone cancels a reservation for a club-owned boat that is appropriate for your skill level, you can receive an email. To enable this option, check the box labeled Get email alert when any reservation is cancelled near the top of the Make Reservation page.

Cancel a Reservation

To cancel an existing reservation, access the reservation (see red arrow below), then tap the Cancel Reservation button at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: You are allowed to cancel a reservation up to 15 minutes after the reservation start time. A club administrator can contact iCrew if you would like to use a value other than 15 minutes.

Checking Out to the Water

If you've reserved a boat and are ready to row, you can check out to the water from the On-the-Water Log (OtW Log). You can access the OtW Log from your My Attendance Plans tab on your Member Home Page.

Here is how you access your My Attendance Plans tab from a mobile device.

Checking In from the Water

If you've reserved a boat and just returned from your row, you can check in from the water from the On-the-Water Log (OtW Log). You can access the OtW Log from your My Attendance Plans tab on your Member Home Page.

Here is how you access your My Attendance Plans tab from a mobile device.

iCrew Coach's Assistance

Add a Rower to a Session

You can add a rower to a session from the Check In page. Just type the rower's tile name in the text box and tap the checkmark button as shown below.

Remove a Rower from a Session

If you're an Admin or Coach, you can remove a rower from a future session using the Check In page. Just tap the rower's tile name and it will turn from gray text to red. If the session occurs on the current day, use the Line-ups page. Tap the rower's tile until it turns to red text.

If you're a rower you can remove yourself from a session by toggling out of the session on your My Attendance Plans tab.

Add a Guest Rower to a Session

If you have a visitor to your boathouse that does not have an iCrew account in your club, you can add a tile for them on the Line-ups page for the session. Down in the rower bullpen where you see all the regular rower's tiles, you'll see some tiles with just an asterisk. Double-tap/click on one of these tiles and you'll be able to enter the person's name.

Tile Tag

You can set a member's tile tag to one of these values:  ! @ # $ % blank

The value you set will appear before the athlete's name on their tile on the session line-ups page. Each character will also cause the tile to be colored. You can use this tag to represent anything you want. For example, # could designate a novice rower and $ could indicate the athlete is overdue on fees.

Block a Member

If a member should not be allowed to attend any sessions for any reason (fees past due, missing documents, etc.) you can block them by checking the Member is blocked from sessions checkbox on their profile.

This action will prevent the member from toggling into any future sessions. In addition, the member will be automatically toggled out of all future sessions (one day grace period is given).

Once you unblock a member, they will be allowed to toggle into sessions again.

Archive a Member

If a member of your club is no longer active, you can set their status to "archived" on their member profile. Look for the checkbox labeled Member is archived? and check the box, then tap the Save button at the bottom of the page.

If you're a member that is no longer active, contact a coach or club administrator and ask them to archive your account.

If the member returns to active status, take these steps to unarchive them:

  1. Go to your Club Roster (or Club Directory)
  2. Check the Include archived members checkbox near the top of the page
  3. Find the member you wish to unarchive, then tap the middle button to the left of their name

Archive a Team

If you have a team that is no longer used, you can mark the team as "archived". This can be done by checking the Archive this team checkbox on the Team Profile page.

You can un-archive a team by unchecking the same checkbox. To get to any archived team, tap the Teams List on the Teams tab, then check the Include archived teams checkbox. Find the team, then tap the Edit button to open the team's profile page.

Set Alert Text for Team or Club Members

Alert text is another way to get a message conveyed to members. Alert text is displayed with a yellow background on the member's home page in iCrew (see example below). To set alert text for a team or for entire club, enter the text in the Member alert text field on either a team profile or on the club profile.

NOTE: As shown here, you can include HTML tags in the alert text. For example, the <b> tag will show text in bold.

If you set the text on a team profile, only members of the team will see the alert text. If you set the text on the club profile, all members will see the text. If you need to alert multiple teams, enter the text on one team profile, then copy/paste the same text onto other team profiles. If a member is part of multiple teams, they will see just a single alert when they access iCrew.

The text will be shown to members as long as it exists on the team or club profile. Coaches will also see alert text for their teams on the Portal Page.

Here is what the alert text looks like to members. In the example below, the first alert was set on the club profile and the second alert was set on a team profile.


Shell Seat Configuratoin

This field represents the current seat rigging configuration - port (stroke)/starboard (bow) - going from stern to bow. So for a port stroked eight, the value would be pspspsps. A starboard stroked config would be spspspsp.

Another example of a port stroked eight with a port bucket at seats 5 and 6 and a starboard bucket at 3 and 4 would be psppssps. This setting is used on the Line-ups page to color-code each seat in a boat to help match rowers with side preferences to the correct seat.

PaySimple Integration

iCrew can be integrated with PaySimple to offer a seamless experience to collect payments from your club members.

See this page for more information: iCrew / PaySimple Integration

PayPal Integration

iCrew can be integrated with PayPal to collect fee payments from your club members through the use of PayPal Buttons. This requires that your club create a standard PayPal Business account

Click here for one-time instructions on setting up Instant Payment Notifications on your club's PayPal Business account.

Click here for instructions on creating a PayPal Button.

This tutorial video will guide you through the creation of an iCrew Fee item and a PayPal Button.

Add or Remove Club Administrator

To add or remove an Administrator, you must already be a primary club Administrator. Go to your club profile, then click on the Change administrators... button. Learn more about roles here.

Add or Remove a Team Coach

To add or remove a team coach, you must be a club administrator or you must already be a coach for the team. Open the Teams tab, select the team from the dropdown list, then tap on the Team Profile tile. On the team profile page, click on the Update team coaches... button. From the next page, select the person from the list at the bottom of the page, then tap the Add as Coach button.

Watch this short video to see how a coach is added. Learn more about roles here.

Delete a Coach from a Team

To delete a coach from a team, you must be a club Administrator or you must already be a coach for the team. Open the Teams tab, select the team from the dropdown list, then tap on the Team Profile tile. On the team profile page, click on the Update team coaches... button. From the next page, you can select the person then tap the Remove as Coach button.

Working with iCrew Data Extracts in Excel

Watch this short video to learn how to work with iCrew data extracts in Excel.

Coach's Hours

A coach can log their hours worked in a journal entry. As a coach, from your Personal Page, go to My Journal and click the New journal entry... where you'll see a field labeled Regular hours worked. You can describe the work in the Primary notes field.

An administrator can view all coach's hours by tapping the Coach's Hours tile on the club home page.

Change Labels for Member Custom Fields

On your club's member profile, you can specify up to five custom fields to collect miscellaneous data for each member. The custom field labels can be set on your club profile.

Related Links

You can add a link to any other web site that is related in any way to your club. On the Club tab, tap the Related Links tile. This will show a list of all existing related links for you club. You can add a new link too. All links will show on your club home page.

You can also add related links for any team in your club. You'll see a Related Links tile on the Teams tab.

Add to List of Voluntary Activity Types

Members can log journal entries to capture volunteer hours for certain activities. The list of activities can be set on your club profile Look for the item labeled Volunteer activity type. Separate each type with a comma.

Incident Reporting

If your club is on the Premium subscription level, any club member can submit an Incident Report from your Club Home page.

On your club profile, an administrator can specify up to three additional questions that will be asked on an incident report. An admin can also specify a list of email addresses to notify when a new incident report is submitted.

Access and update permissions for incident reports are as follows:

Here is a brief video.

Reservation Settings

Maximum Minutes

You can specify the maximum number of minutes for a reservation. This setting can be changed on your club profile.

Maximum Days Ahead

You can specify the maximum number of days ahead of time that a reservation can be made. This setting can be changed on your club profile.

Maximum Per Member

You can specify the maximum number of reservations a member is allowed over a number of days.

EXAMPLE: In the settings shown below, a member is limited to 5 reservations over an 8 day period. If a club member is making a reservation for Aug 11th, iCrew will look at two 8-day periods - the first from Aug 4th through Aug 11th and the second from Aug 8th through Aug 15th. If the member already has 5 reservations on the calendar during either of these two timeframes, the new reservation will not be allowed. By looking at both timeframes, iCrew is able to prevent crafty members from spoofing the system.

These settings can be changed on your club profile. Leave these settings blank if you do not want to implement a reservation limit for club members.

Minutes Between Usage

You can specify the number of minutes that will be added as a buffer between reservations for a given piece of equipment. This setting can be changed on your club profile.

No Limits on Privately Owned Boats

Check this box if privately owned boats are not held to the max time, max days ahead and max per member limits. This setting can be changed on your club profile.

Allow members to take an open seat

Check this box if a club member can add themselves to existing reservation of a multi-seat boat. This allows one member to reserve a double or quad, then other members can take an open seat in the boat. Tiles on the reservation calendar will indicate if an open seat exists. A member can also access a page from the Make Reservation page that shows all all open seats.

Oars Optional

Check this box if a reservation can be made without specifying oars. This setting can be changed on your club profile.

Maximum Members Present

Set the number of members that should be allowed at the boathouse. By default, this number only applies to independent rowing and reservations. Contact iCrew if you would like session attendees to be included in the count. Leave blank if there is no limit. This setting can be changed on your club profile.

Enable On-the-Water Log

Check this box to enable the On-the-Water (OtW) log to help track when members are out rowing. The OtW log can be accessed from the Today page. This setting can be changed on your club profile.

Require Distance Rowed

Check this box to enable members to enter the distance they rowed during reservation. Select the distance unit of measure from the list. The distance can be entered on the On-the-Water Log so you must also have the OtW Log enabled.

Grab-n-go Reservation

If a club member makes a reservation for the current day that starts within 30** minutes of the current time, iCrew tags this as a grab-n-go reservation. For example, a club member checks iCrew and finds a boat that is available right now, so they reserve it, head to the boathouse, and go for a row.

A grab-n-go reservation is never checked against the member's recent reservation activity, therefore, will never be blocked for a member exceeding the reservation limit set by the club. In addition, a grab-n-go reservation is not included when counting a member's recent reservations so it will not be the cause of blocking a new future reservation. This feature allows full utilization of your fleet by letting members row a boat that would have otherwise gone unused.

* Contact iCrew if you want to use a value other than thirty minutes or if you want to turn off this functionality.

Canceling a Reservation

Members can cancel a reservation up to 15 minutes after the reservation start time. A club administrator can contact iCrew to use a value other than 15 minutes for your club.

Change Who Gets Notified When Damage Report is Logged

Any member of your club can submit a damage report when they notice damage to equipment. You can specify the email addresses that get sent a message whenever a new damage report is logged. The email addresses can be specified on your club profile.

Impersonate a Member

A primary club administrator can impersonate a member to help troubleshoot issues the member may be having in iCrew. From the Club Roster, access the member's profile, then tap the Impersonate member... button under the User ID field.

Once you impersonate a member, you will be in iCrew as if you're the member so be cautious about any updates you make. Once you're done impersonating, you must logoff and log back on under your own credentials.

Specify a Member as Coxswain Only

If a member only serves as a coxswain, you can update their profile to indicate that they are only a coxswain. Look for the Coxswain only checkbox at the bottom of the member's profile.

Set a Rower's Skill Level and Boat Size Permissions

If your club allows members to reserve boats and oars for independent rowing, you can match rowers to appropriate boats by setting a rower's skill level on their profile. For example, if you have a skinny racing single in your fleet, you can specify that the boat requires a rower with an advanced skill level. And you specify each rower's skill level on their profile. A rower's skill level must be equal to or better than the boat's setting or the shell will be not be offered to the rower when they go to make a reservation.

To quickly change settings for members for a particular team, use the Member Profiles tile on the Teams tab. Watch the following short video to learn more.

Athlete Tile Decorations

A rower's tile on the line-ups page can be decorated in a number of ways. If a rower has a port/stroke or starboard/bow side preference set on their profile, their tile will show either a red bar on the right to indicate port/stroke preference or a green bar on the left to indicate starboard/bow preference. The rower's skill level (LTR/novice/intermediate/advanced) is reflected with one, two, or three dots next to their tile name. The tile may also be colorized based on the tile tag value on their profile.

Boat/Shell Tile Decorations

1. Boat has major damage.

2. Boat has minor damage.

3. Boat is currently unavailable.

4. Boat is a competitive/racing shell.

Set a Rower's Sweep Rowing Side Preference

Members can set their side preference for sweep rowing. They can specify their preference for port/stroke side, starboard/bow side, or if they don't have a preference they can specify select "either". This setting causes the member's tile to be color code with a red bar on the right to indicate port/stroke side preference and a green bar on the left to indicate starboard/bow preference.

Change Toggle Alert Hours

iCrew will notify team coaches if a rower toggles in or out of a session and the session starts within a specified number of hours. The number of hours can be set on the team profile. Look for the item labeled Toggle alert hours buffer.

NOTE: If you set this value to zero, alerts will never be sent to coaches.

Test Results

To enter erg test results, you first need to create the test. After the test is created, results can be entered. To create a test, go to the Tests tab, select the appropriate team, then tap the New Test tile as shown here.

You can create a test for time or distance. When entering results, iCrew will automatically calculate associated values for you such as 500m pace and weight adjusted results.

Allow Members to Enter Test Results

If you want to allow team members to enter their own test results, you can check the Allow members to enter test results box on the team profile.

Change Team's Default Session Attendance Setting for Members

For each team you can specify whether the member's session default attendance setting is attending or not attending. This setting is used when creating sessions for the team. You can change this setting on the team profile. Look for Default member attendance setting near the bottom of the team profile page.

Priority Equipment

The Priority Equipment feature allows you to allocate boats and oars to a team. When you create sessions for the team, the equipment is automatically allocated to a line-up in the session to prevent members from reserving the equipment. If you add equipment to the list, be use to update existing sessions to get the new boats allocated to a line-up.

Use Your Own Email App to Send a Message

If you've encountered issues with members not receiving messages you've sent from iCrew, you'll want to try a new option on the Send Message page. Look for the Compose & send from my email app button next to the Subject field.

This new option will use the email app installed on your device to compose and send the message. You still get the convenience of selecting recipients from your iCrew team/squad rosters. Those recipients are simply passed from iCrew to the email app on your mobile device or desktop computer.

This options as a few advantages:

NOTE: You may encounter a limitation on the number of recipients you can specify in a single email. If you tap the new Compose & send from my email app button and nothing happens, try reducing the number of recipients and tap the button again.

Discussion Channels

Discussions are an online message board where members can post information and respond to posts. Discussions are a Premium feature in iCrew.

To managed the different discussion channels for your club, see the Discussions tab.

Session Calendar

You can use the Calendar to view all of the scheduled sessions for your club. This includes regattas which are displayed using red colored tiles. If you tap on any tile in the calendar that session's page will be displayed. You must be a club administrator or team coach to create sessions.

Using a Punchcard

A punch card is a virtual card that a member purchases for some number of sessions. The use of a punch card is an alternative method to pay for a session. It may be most useful for members that have irregular schedules that prevent them from rowing on a regular, consistent basis.

Tap here to read more about punchcards.

Cancel a Session

You can cancel a session or multiple sessions for a team/squad as shown below.

Session Reminder Email

iCrew can send a session reminder email to all team members. You can turn this option on by checking the Send session email reminder on the team profile. The email will be sent two days before the session.

Session Check In

To track actual attendance to a session, use the Session Check In page. The page will display a tile for each rower that has indicated that they plan to attend the session. It is recommended that the Check In page is displayed on a touchscreen computer. When a rower arrives at practice, they should tap their own tile to indicate they are actually present.

A rower can also use their mobile device to check in to a session. This requires use of the Location/GPS Services on their mobile device and an administrator must set the GPS coordinates of the Location of the practices. For more information, see Club Locations.

Teams Audit

You can use the Teams Audit feature to make sure team memberships are correct. For example, you may have your junior athletes split into teams by gender and ability but you also have an All Juniors team. The Teams Audit feature will help you make sure that all your junior athletes are on the All Juniors team.

This tutorial video will guide you through running a team membership audit.

Update a Team Roster

The Team Roster Maintenance page is where an administrator or coach can add and/or remove members to/from a team. You can access this page from various places in iCrew like the club home page and the Team Roster page.

Watch this tutorial video to learn more.

Get Email Addresses

The Get Email Addresses page is where an administrator or coach can get email addresses for members of the club or a team. You can copy/paste the email addresses to your preferred email system. You can access this page from various places in iCrew like the club home page and the Teams tab on the Portal Page.


The Today page shows a recap of scheduled activity at your boathouse today. All sessions and reservations are shown. Activity for tomorrow is also shown. You can also select any date to show activity for that day and the day following.

You will see tiles to get you to each session's information, check-in and line-ups page. If the line-ups for the session are still marked private (not yet shared with members) you'll see a small red private eye icon displayed under the line-ups image.

If your club allows boat reservations for independent rowing, you'll see a tile for each reservation scheduled for that day.

Private Lineups

Line-ups for a session can be kept hidden or private until the line-ups have been finalized. This is a useful feature to use while a coach is working on line-ups for a practice session or regatta and they don't want the athletes to see the work in-progress.

On each session you can use the Line-ups are private toggle to indicate whether the line-ups are private or public.

Little Red Man

If you're looking at sessions and you see an icon of a little red man, it represents a "private eye" which simply indicates that the line-ups for the session are private. Once a coach makes the line-ups public, the little red man will not appear.

Create Practice Sessions

To create a series of practice sessions for a team, use the bulk option on the New Session tile as shown here. The In bulk option will let you create sessions that occur on a regular basis for a team. For example, if summer practice sessions for a team occur every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 5:30 AM to 7:30 AM, you can create all the sessions for the summer months very quickly.

NOTE: You'll see that you can also edit and delete sessions in bulk.

Contact Tracing Report

iCrew has a Contact Tracing report that you can run for any specified date range. You can access the Contact Tracing report from a tile on the club home page.

Send Message to Members

The Send Message page can be used to send message to members. This page makes it very easy to send a message to all members of a team. There is support for formatting of the message and you can include links in a message too.

Info About Bcc Line

The Bcc line is very useful to avoid recipients from doing a "reply all" and flooding other recipient's email Inbox.

NOTE: If a member shows up in this field after selecting from a team/squad roster, that member specified to not share their email address with other club members. To change this behavior, the member must check the box on their profile labeled Share my info with other members.

Add a Banner Image for Messages

You can add a club-branded banner image to all emails sent from iCrew. Watch this video to learn how to create and upload your club's image file.

Upload a File

Club administrators and coaches can upload files into iCrew to be shared with members. To upload a file, go to the club home page and tap the File Manager tile. After you upload a file you can copy the link, then use the Send Message page where the link can be pasted into the message.

Change Boat Rigging

For any boat that can be rigged for sweep or sculling, you can quickly swap between the two using the Swap Rigging page which can be accessed from the Shells tab on the Portal Page.

If you would like to change a sweep boat's seat rigging configuration (for example, if you rig a boat to be starboard stroked) you can do this from the Update Shell page. Change the Current seat config value.

Log a Damage Report

If equipment is damaged or in need of repair, any member of the club can log a damage report. From the club home page, tap the Damage Report tile, then tap the New damage report... button. The appropriate people will be sent an email whenever a new damage report is logged. The people can be set on the club profile.

When a boat has any open damage reports, you may see !! prefixing the boat name on its tile.

Club Locations

In addition to your main boathouse, you can create other locations where club members get together like a facility for indoor fitness and training. To add a location, open the Club tab on the Portal Page, tap the Locations tile, then tap the New location... button.

Registration Profiles

The goal of a Registration Profile is improve and streamline the process of getting a new club member registered into iCrew and onto the appropriate teams/groups and associated to the right documents and fee items.

To create or update a registration profile, tap the Registration Profiles tile on the Club tab of the Portal Page.

Here is a sample list of possible registration profiles for a club that has both junior and master rowers:

Let's take a Novice Girl Rower as an example. For this club, when a new novice girl registers in iCrew, she needs to land on both the Novice Girls team and the All Juniors team. Associated with the All Juniors team is a Code of Conduct document and a Liability Waiver document. In addition, there is a Juniors Spring Rowing fee item associated with the All Juniors team.

When a new novice girl needs to register, they can be pointed to the club's Registration Page where a list of registration links is available (there is a link for each defined registration profile). The person clicks on the Novice Girl Rower link to start the registration process. On the sign-up page in iCrew, specific instructions for Novice Girls may optionally be displayed.

After registering in iCrew, the person will have been automatically placed on both the Novice Girls and All Juniors teams. And she will immediately see the two documents and one fee item in iCrew.

Register a New Member

NOTE: If you're a club member, contact a coach or club administrator for instructions on registering in iCrew.

A person can tap on your club's icon on the iCrew Log On page to start the registration process. They will need to know your club's Member registration code which a current member can provide to them.

USRowing Membership & Waiver Status

If you're a rowing club in the United Status and are on the Premium iCrew subscription, you can import membership and waiver status from USRowing. Watch this video to learn how.

Attendance Records

To view attendance records for team members, open the Teams tab on the Portal Page and tap on the Attendance Records tile.

Regatta Payments

iCrew can automatically create a fee item for each regatta. A payment tracking record is created for all members that attend the regatta. NOTE: If you do not want iCrew to automatically create regatta payment fee items, uncheck the box labeled Auto-generate regatta fee record on the team profile.

Watch this video to learn all about regatta payments.

Club Store Page

Your club Store page is a convenient place to provide links to selected fee items and documents. The Store page can be accessed from the club home page.

If you would like a fee item or document to be listed on the Store page, just check the Show on Store page checkbox on the fee item or document page.

Fee Item Payment Options

If you're using PaySimple, you can setup a fee item with multiple payment options. Set the Amount due field to 0 (zero) and specify the options in the Description field.

Each option starts with an asterisk followed by a description and amount (including the $ sign). Here is an example of three payment options that you can copy/paste:

NOTE: A description of the fee item can precede the list of items.

* Individual Membership $400
* Family Membership $775
* Student Membership $350

If you create a fee item for accepting a donation, you can create a list that represents the designation of the donation. Set the Amount due field to 0 (zero) so that the club member can enter the amount they wish to donate.

Thanks for donating to the club. We appreciate the support!
* Equipment Fund
* Boathouse Improvements
* Community Outreach
* General Fund

Payment Reminder Email

iCrew can send a payment reminder email to members with unpaid fee items. You can turn this option on by checking the Send payment reminder on the fee item. Payment reminders are sent on Monday of each week.

Practice Session Line-ups

The Line-ups page is where you can set boat line-ups for a given practice session. To quickly set line-ups, you can copy line-ups from a previous session by using the Get other line-ups option as shown here.

To move a boat, oars, or rowers into a line-ups, just tap the item tile, then tap the cell in the grid where you want that item moved to.

iCrew New Features Bulletin

Tap here to view the monthly new features bulletins for iCrew.

Bookmark a Page

An admin or coach can now bookmark a page to make the page easily accessible at any time.

SAMPLE USAGE: Let's say you're working on line-ups for an upcoming regatta so you're frequently accessing the regatta line-ups page. Now you can bookmark the line-ups page for quick access in the future.

To bookmark a page, just tap the new bookmark icon as shown here.

When creating a new bookmark, you specify the name of the bookmark, then tap the Save button.

All saved bookmarks are displayed under the navigation tabs as shown here. Tap the link to access the page. Tap the bookmark icon to change the name of the bookmark or to delete the bookmark.


An admin or coach can now create dashboards that contain tiles that link to pages of your choice. Watch this video to learn more.

Elections, Surveys, & Forms

iCrew supports running an election or survey. You can also create a custom form to collect information from a club member or person. Additional fees apply. All three items can be collectively referred to as "Forms".

Elections are always anonymous while surveys can be either anonymous or not. A custom form is usally not anonymous and would include asking for the person to enter their name and other contact information.

With elections and surveys, you have the option of creating a team/squad to represent an election and/or survey committee where only members of the teams/squads can access the election and survey admin functionality. The committee teams/squads are designated on your Club Profile. With custom forms, all club admins can access the forms admin functionality

With elections and surveys, you select club members to receive a ballot or survey. With forms, members can access and fill out the form as needed. You can also designate a form as "public". This allows you to post a link to the form on your club website for members of the public can access and fillout a form.

A form can also be setup as a quiz for club members. In the list of answers for a question, you must precede the correct answer with a > symbol.

Document Tracking

You can create a Document record in iCrew for things like by-laws, code of conduct, safety guidelines, etc. And a .pdf file can be uploaded and associated with any iCrew Document record. You can associate a Document to any number of teams so that you can track document status for members of the associated teams.

If a Document is something that just must be read and signed by the member (for example, a code of conduct), iCrew can collect an e-signature from each member. If a document also requires a parent's signature, you have two options; parents can also have an iCrew account and their account can be associated with their child's account. Once this "family" association is made, iCrew can also make sure a parent signs the document. If parents do not have their own iCrew account, the document will have to be printed, signed by both parent and child, then submitted to the club office.

If a Document requires information to be provided by the member, such as name, address, etc., the member would print the document, fill it out, then submit it to the club office. You can then indicate the document is "on file" as members turn in a document. All the Document status by member is available for tracking in iCrew.

Each Document can have an expiration date set so if you have seasonal documents, you would create a new Document at the start of each season.

Watch this video to learn more about document tracking.

Watch this video to learn more about creating a document that can be signed electronically.

Tutorial Videos

Click here to view the list of tutorial iCrew videos.

Print Information in iCrew

The best way to print information presented on a page in iCrew is to access iCrew on your PC in a web browser and use the Print Page functionality offered in the browser. Most web browsers allow you to scale the page information so that you can fit all the information one a single page. Be sure to try both Portrait and Landscape orientation.

Some pages offer an Export function so that you can work with data in Excel and format it for printing.