Registration Instructions

This is a three month membership for graduated HS rowers, who are home from school for the summer.  It requires that you are over the age of 18 and have previously rowed.  The membership ends August 31st.  While you will choose this "Team" upon registering, you will also be able to "Join" another team to row with (ex. Morning Men) or as a sculling membership.

Instructions to register as a Summer Student Rower:
Complete your iCrew profile (please complete ALL items with *asterisk).  Remember your Login and Password!
Look at your Home Page and you will see a number of "folders" and you need to complete two in particular:
Your Documents:  You must review and eSign the ARC COVID Waiver
Your Documents: You must review and eSign the ARC Swimming Notice
Your Payments:  Provide ACH or Credit Card for your $225 Summer Student Rower Fee

Questions? All registration questions can be directed to

(includes Age, Addr, Ph#, Email, Emerg. Contact)

Associated Teams/Groups

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