Registration Instructions

Please complete all information as accurately as possible including emergency information. Please contact Coach Sue Koscielski ( or 815-693-3734) if you have questions or issues during the registration process.

Once you have set up your profiles, you will be required to complete the following forms and document:

**Sweeps & Sculls Waiver Signature (required)
In iCrew, click on the “Documents” button. The first document you will see is “Sweeps & Sculls Waiver”. You can view and sign this document online. Both the rower and a parent must sign this form, so you will see it in both profiles.

NOTE: A registration code is required. Contact a club administrator to obtain the code.

(includes Age, Addr, Ph#, Email, Emerg. Contact, T-Shirt Size, Do you need any accommodations?, How did you hear about us?)

Associated Teams/Groups

        Beginner Team and Recreational Team

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